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Sound and music play an eminent role in modern everyday life. With the increasing digitization, audio is experiencing an enormous boost. Noise and bad acoustics affect our health much more than we are aware of. More than ever we need to ask ourselves how we want to shape our acoustic environment.
Make The World Sound Better! This is the general motto of the International Sound Awards (ISA). 

At the International Sound Awards, we promote innovative and useful sound projects, products and services that contribute to our motto.

If you share our motto and want to support the initiative, then you should become an official supporter of the International Sound Awards 2019. By using the supporter badge in your own communications, you can share our common message with the world. 

We offer 3 different supporter packages:
Supporter Badgeyesyesyes
Social Media Announcementyesyesyes
Copy of ISA Yearbook 2019yesyesyes
Company Logo in Yearbook (4cm x 4cm)yesyesyes
Company Logo on website supporter pageyesyesyes
Ad in Yearbook (printed + online version)1/1 page2/1 page
Price in Euros + 19% VAT150350500

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring opportunities, please send us an email.

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