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Vienna Tourist Board – Sound Identity
The Modern Sound of Vienna

Presentation at the Audio Branding Congress in New York on November 17, 2011.

Abstract from Herwig Kusatz:

The Vienna Tourist Board developed in 2009/2010 a new destination brand for Vienna. To check the current touristy view about Vienna and the future direction of the destination brand Vienna over 10,000 persons from target markets (U.S., DE, USA, U.S., IT, FR, IT, RU,JP) and over 550 experts were interviewed in the branding development process. Furthermore, an image benchmarking was made with other cities.

The modern Vienna Sound Identity, composed of a Soundlogo and Soundscape for the Vienna Tourist Board, is a downtempo opera, which makes the sensuality, refinement, high class and timelessness of Vienna hearable. The acoustic elements are applied in the worldwide destination marketing of Vienna for all touchpoints for example in Events in Citys like London or Milan to televisions spots in CNN.